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The Vaayu Way

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At Vaayu we aim to inspire a lifestyle driven by adventure, creativity and fun, while having a positive impact on our community and the natural environment.

Vaayu set out in 2013 with a purpose to bring together a community of like-minded people. Those with a sense of adventure and with a care for their environment.

Through the years we have tried to merge communities and create a sustainable space for our hospitality projects by using intelligent design and keeping nature in mind.

By being more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly we are trying to be an example for all of Goa. Showcasing that hospitality and the environment can both work together in creating a better, more promising future.


Vaayu thrives to be a sustainable business that prioritises the environment, people and quality in all our services.

At Vaayu we make a conscious effort to reduce our impact on our surrounding environment.

Many of our room structures have been built using organic biodegradable materials.

We do not use or encourage single use plastic bottles and straws.

Our take away boxes are made from biodegradable materials.

We make sure we segregate our daily waste materials and dispose of them in the correct manner.

Our water heating is done using solar power.

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Conscious Capitalism


Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy stating that businesses should serve all principal stakeholders, including the environment. It does not minimize profit-seeking but encourages the assimilation of all common interests into the company's business plan.

At Vaayu we try to implement a similar strategy in our operations and make sure our goal is not just profit, but also happiness and balance. This model serves to structure our core values.

The basis of Conscious Capitalism is on four guiding principles:

Higher Purpose: A business that adheres to the principles of Conscious Capitalism focuses on a purpose beyond pure profits, and in doing so inspires and engages its stakeholders.

Stakeholder Orientation: Businesses have multiple stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and others. Some companies focus on return to their shareholders to the exclusion of everything else. A conscious business will concentrate on the whole business ecosystem to create and optimize value for all its stakeholders.

Conscious Leadership: Conscious leaders emphasize a "we" rather than a "me" mentality to drive the business and work to cultivate a culture of Conscious Capitalism in the enterprise.

Conscious Culture: corporate culture is the sum of the values and principles that constitute the social and moral fabric of a business. A conscious culture is one where the policies of Conscious Capitalism permeate the enterprise, fostering a spirit of trust and cooperation among all stakeholders.


Vision Collective Artist Residency

The Vaayu Vision Collective is a collaborative support system for artists to develop, manifest, and communicate their visionary work. Our principal intention is to nurture the arts and encourage a transformational experience in our communities.