Vaayu’s Pick of the Top 5 Surf Movies

For any of those out there that need a bit of motivation to kick-off their surfing journey or those just wanting to kick-back and watch an inspiring movie, we’ve decided to create a list of our top 5 surfing movies. They range from inspiring tales of travel all the way to the sometimes combative world of competitive surfing.  You’ll witness cinematography that is jaw-dropping, waves in sizes you didn’t think existed and pristine locations that will make it on your bucket list.
They say the best way to improve something is to witness the best in the world do it so let’s kick off the list off:

  1. The Endless Summer 

Any list has to start with one of the first surf documentaries, released in 1966, narrator Bruce Brown follows two surfers on a surfing trip around the world. Despite the hot weather of their native California, cold ocean swells make the surfer’s local spot pretty unpleasant during the winter. They travel to the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa in a quest for untouched waves and introducing the sport to locals along the way. All the while getting one step closer to that...endless summer.

2. Morning of the Earth

Released in 1972 this film depicts the journey of surfers and their symbiotic relationship with nature and the spiritual harmony that arises. Building their own homes and boards on their journey through Australia, Bali, and Hawaii in search of the perfect wave. The perfect movie for those restless wanderlust souls.

3. Riding Giants

Released in 2004, Riding Giants is one of the first documentaries to provide an authentic look into the history of surfing and takes you through surfing's humble beginnings up until where it stands today. It also portrays the rebellious culture that surfing was sometimes associated with as well as the mindset and lure of riding big waves.

4. Glass Love

Released in 2004, this film with its beautiful videography really depicts why surfing could be considered one of the best sports in the world. It features some of the most prominent surfers of the generation. 

5. Blue Horizon

Released in 2004 and produced by one of the world's most renowned surfing cinematographers, Jack McCoy. Jack spends 2 years following two of the greatest surfers of all time: Andy Irons and Kelly Slater (Kelly still competes today, and is regarded as the greatest-of-all-time). Jack also sheds light on Dave Rastovich a free-surfer who surfs for his soul rather than competition. The contrast of the competitive surfer and the free-surfer is definitely something to witness. 

So there you have it, 5 surf documentaries that are definitely worth a watch. They’re sure to leave you frothing and inspired to learn to surf or get back out into the ocean! We don’t think we could have written this at a better time, as it stands Monsoon is winding down and that means the post-monsoon swell is set to hit! Yew!

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