Getting To Know the Leaders or the Flow State

We here at Vaayu have decided to do a whole bunch more retreats this season in the hopes of providing our community with more wellness focused activities. 

This November we’ll be hosting an Acro Yoga & Surfing Retreat with the lovely Tre & Lara. We got the chance to have a chat with them about all things Acro Yoga.


What is Acro Yoga?

Taking yoga from earth to sky, AcroYoga focusses on synchronising breath in movement, building strength and finding balance. Inspired by traditional yoga asanas and L-based acrobatic flying, this progressive yoga system includes both solo and partner practice.

The aerial part revolves around one partner (the base) supporting the other (the flyer) in flying through the air in a sequenced series of yoga postures.

Is Acro Yoga possible for beginner and novice Yogis? 

Yes. Regular yoga or exercise helps the mind-body coordination required for acroyoga, however, anyone can get started with acroyoga. This practice is about the virtues we hold dear : trust, communication, and playfulness; with the intent to build meaningful human connection.

How long have you both been practicing Acro Yoga? 

We noticed a shared synergy towards this movement practice, in early 2016. While it began as a healthy check on our individual practices; drawn by the principles of AcroYoga, we have spent the past 3+ years developing our technique & teaching style living in Mumbai, teaching at local studios.

What made you choose Acro Yoga vs the more traditional modes?

We admired each other’s skill set and were keen on exploring movement styles that would challenge us both together and individually.

This ones for Tre, was it difficult to adapt from calisthenics to Acro Yoga? Perhaps first tell us what calisthenics is?
Calisthenics is a form of no equipment, free-body weight, strength building exercises. The building blocks of these are components of balance, mobility and core building exercises. 

Adapting to acroyoga was not difficult at all. However, acroyoga is not just a solo practice. It is an equal practice between two individuals comprising of constant exchanges. I feel lucky to have Lara as my partner. For me, our synergy is effortless.

You both have been teaching in Mumbai for awhile now what’s the one thing that students struggle with most when it comes to Acro Yoga?

Surprisingly, or not at all - attendees came through with childlike enthusiasm - coming together to play, release, trust and share.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the Flow State? 

Chef Nair’s food, surfing, star gazing, beach doggos. Being at Vaayu + in Goa is always a treat anyway.

Getting into the Flow with Lara and Tre

Getting into the Flow with Lara and Tre