Rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes - Set Yourself Free

The theme of this mini-retreat is ‘letting go’ and embrace change.

Sometimes we need to let go to move on, sometimes ‘letting go’ means to just ‘let be’. Because no matter what, at times life will ask us to move on and letting go is the only way to grow. And this always means to embrace change.

The simple truth is that when we fight change, we suffer. But we can become a co-creator of change, embrace transformation and allow ourselves to open up to creativity, possibility, and healing.

Change is inevitable, but the transformation is our conscious choice. While we have not always control how or when the changes occur in our lives, we can choose how we are in relation to those changes. When we take a step towards change we reclaim our personal freedom.

Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(Acu) will guide you through some healing breathwork and relaxation techniques. During the cleansing ritual, we symbolically release what no longer serves us to the healing moxa fire, to prepare ourselves rise like a phoenix from the ashes. In the group acupuncture healing circle, you will receive acupuncture on carefully chosen points implementing this idea into a physical sensation, activating your body’s own healing powers. Letting go of what is no longer essential, while turning inward and preparing ourselves to embrace the change. Ultimately to set ourselves free.

This treatment is safe and suitable to everyone (if not pregnant), helping the process of release from physical, to emotional or energetic tension to support you on the path of transformation.

It is time to get what your life deserves and to move on from the things that don't deserve you.