San's Roundup of Restaurants to try in North Goa

If you’ve been in Goa long enough you’ll come to understand that it’s more than just the beaches and beers, the food is what adds to the experience of the this beautiful paradise a few of us are lucky enough to call home.

Eating out in Goa is more like a science experiment, there’s so many little shacks and beachfront restaurants producing scrumptious food. It’s a confluence of culture and flavour like your palate has seldom experienced.

And it’s not just the food. It’s the wonderfully eccentric spaces that serve as eating houses. From quaint Portuguese villas alongside terraced gardens to relaxed seaside that play amazing music to accompany your meal.

Choose from French cuisine on the waterfront to top class Italian fare in a cute inland home to the most authentic seafood thalis, you crave it you get it!

Here are a couple of our favourite go-to eateries around Vaayu Village:

1) Prana Cafe

Prana is the life energy that permeates all living and inanimate existence and the universe. It also is the place to find the perfect balance between delicious and nutritious on one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. The food at Prana Cafe is crafted to fill every part of the body, not just an empty stomach. Slide in for some superfood smoothies, craft Indian coffee, fresh local vegetables, and smooth beach cocktails. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner or after a exhaustive surf session with the Vaayu Adventure Centre.   

Must Have: Tacos, Smoothie Bowls, Laksa Bowl

2) La Plage

If you’re looking for delectable french cuisine La Plage is your best option! It surely is one of the stylish shacks on Ashvem serving the finest of French Cuisine. And if that hasn’t sold it for you, there is a little store displaying the most beautiful kaftans!

Must Have: Chicken Liver Pate with onion jam + Chocolate thali

3) Elevar

An entity of the Leela Cottages, Elevar is the chicest restaurant by the beach! Elevar more precisely means 'elevate' in portuguese and that’s exactly what one will experience after their first visit to Elevar! Chefs Sai Sabnis & Chris believe that the dish must be fresh for the flavour to shine and not just create dishes that look good on the plate and they sure as hell know how to achieve that best!

Must Have: Fish Thali + Tandoori prawn risotto

4) Satpurush Hotel

This tiny little haven is easily missed by individuals who have never binged down the most authentic Goan home-cooked fish thali made by the most incredible husband-wife duo. Apart from the thalis they do serve other home-cooked and continental meals!

Must Have: Fish Thali

5) Roma Italian Restaurant

This cute little space on the side of the road has the cosiest atmosphere. Owned by Italian born Francesco, Roma is one of the few places in North Goa serving mouth-watering Italian dishes. Having been living in India for around 20 years Francesco understands exactly what one is looking to experience when craving some Italian delicacies.

Must Have: Shiva Shakti Pizza + Goan Sausage Pizza + Calzone

6) Aladdin’s BBQ Place

If you’re around Arambol and craving some BBQ, Aladdin has got you sorted. Known for being one of the best BBQ spots in North Goa it never fails to serve some mouth-watering BBQ.

Must Have: Grilled Chicken

7) Twice In Nature

Twice in Nature is more than a restaurant it is a community of likeminded people set in one of the  corners at Arambol. The space is sprawling with musicians and artists using the walls as their canvas. Enjoy an energy chocolate ball in their exquisite tree house set-up. This space has recently opened and has a variety of vegan and vegetarian options!

Must Have: Energy chocolate ball

8) Double dutch

Double dutch is not just your ordinary cafe next door, it’s a beautiful initiative started by a dutch couple. Double Dutch can be found just off the main road, and is renowned for its delicious variety of cakes and dutch & thai food. It’s not just the relaxing garden environment that will encapsulate you but the beautiful owner Lucie, who donates most of the profits to handicapped children.

Must Have: Coconut Pancake + English Breakfast

9) Laxmi Restaurant & Bar

Situated in Morjim, Laxmi Restaurant and Bar is a happy looking shack serving appetising goan meals along with some mouth-watering continental cuisine. This place is hard to miss since it’s located right at the entry junction of Morjim. If you’re ever craving some tandoori and naan, this place is just the right choice for you!

Must Have: Crab Tandoori + Chicken Masala with Garlic naan.