Our Picks for the Best Cafes in Goa

Offering fine dine cuisine to serving up lip-smacking meals by shacks or just a nice cup of brewed coffee, Goa comes across as a gastronomical bible to your regular foodie next door! Cafes in Goa have the ability, for something inanimate, to transport you so completely into a new world, to soothe, excite and save. By the time you sit down, you’ll be inspired.

So if you’re having a hasty start, or a hangover that’s tearing you apart, these cafe joints are just where you need to be.

Cafe Bodega

Bodega finds its home in a restored heritage mansion and caters to patrons of the Arts centre. Attached to Panjim's best known art gallery, Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, one cannot miss this little haven. Started by Chef Vandana Naik, who’s an expert in the kitchen, Bodega serves scrumptions sandwiches, soups and coffee! Head over to their facebook page to see their regular updates on the daily specials.

Rutas Roadhouse

Ruta’s world cafe, Located in the by-lanes of the Assagao, can be a little difficult to find but also happens to be perfect stop for a nice warm cup of Cappuccino. The chef is no other than Ruta, high figure of the culinary scene in San Francisco. She officiated several French and Italian restaurants for many years on the Californian coast. The interiors of the cafe are elegant yet welcoming with nice verandah out back setting a cosy atmosphere. Serving only fresh produce and a regular change in the menu will only leave you surprised with your experience at Ruta’s.

Urban Cafe

Easy to miss, tucked in Panjim’s latin quarter is this alluring two-floored cafe that displays a giant beautiful painted mural on the outside. If you enjoy yourself a good read and dim-lit modern interiors with peaceful surroundings, this place is right up your alley. This one boldly declares a huge poster “The beach is boring”, a day in this cafe will have you claiming the same. If you make yourself there, don’t forget to order the brownie and coco pudding and a satisfying.

Cafe Literati

Located on the by-lanes of Calangute, Cafe Literati offers a very different experience from your ordinary cafe next door. Cafe Literati, originally a bookstore opens up into an Italian cafe during season time. The bookstore is nested in a 100-year old revamped Portuguese villa with the living area converted into the bookstore and a lavish garden that is used as the cafe space during season time. It is an ideal space to find and read rare books, sip on some coffee and nibble on snacks.

Cherry Tomato Cafe at Carpe Diem

This little art cafe is nestled in Majorda, deep inside a nineteenth century Portuguese mansion. The renovated old place houses Carpe Diem, an art centre attached to a cafe in the little garden at the back, surrounded by works of art on display. The cosy atmosphere and gourmet menu is sure to have you spellbound.

Cafe Chocolatti

Craving some European treats and an escape from the scorching heat of the beach, Cafe Chocolatti is your kind of lounge. Encompassed by high wall gardens and lush surroundings this place offers a peaceful comfort away from the bustle of Goa. As the name suggests, the restaurant’s specialty is everything to do with chocolate, but grab an English tea and some scones and have yourself a relaxing day.

Nattis Natural

Nattis Natural is an exception organic cafe and retail store. Natti is a Sivananda trained yoga teacher whose long dream was to start a complete organic cafe. Being one of the first health food shops in Goa to collaborate with local farmers the cafe serves fresh and healthy dishes. The retail outlet sells a varied collection of products ranging from organic teas, coffees, herbs, spices, healthy snacks, natural cosmetics, clothes and healthcare products.

Prana Cafe

Prana is the life energy that permeates all living and inanimate existence and the universe. It also is the place to find the perfect balance between delicious and nutritious on one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. The food at Prana Cafe is crafted to fill every part of the body, not just an empty stomach. Slide in for some superfood smoothies, craft Indian coffee, fresh local vegetables, and smooth beach cocktails.

Bean Me Up

Bean Me up located in Anjuna is a retreat for the health conscious. The natural lush canopy and raw,organic and vegan food will have you coming back for more. To add to the experience the monkeys and peacocks will surely have you captivated. Bean Me Up serves Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan dishes from around the world. The chefs take the care to use unrefined products and the tofu is homemade.