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Surf & Yoga Retreat: Catching up with Mihir Joglekar


As many of you know we’ll be hosting a Surf & Yoga retreat this October 12th - 19th. For those of you who don’t and the combination of Surf & Yoga sounds as awesome to you, as it does to us - check out the brochure here

So moving on…

We thought it would be nice for everyone to get to know Mihir Joglekar a bit better. So we sat down with the Mumbai based Yogi and picked his brain. 

What does Yoga mean to you?

In the beginning Yoga is a means to build awareness in ones life. My daily practice serves as a buffer time before I go about my day. As you practice, you slowly come to realize that yoga is life in itself. 

What got you into Yoga and how long have you been practicing?

The first attraction was purely to Yoga Asana - practice of the physical posture and movements. Back in 2009 I was working out in the gym and I started yoga as a means to increase my flexibility. After a few weeks of consistent practice I noticed a tremendous change in my mental and energetic being, this peaked my curiosity and drove me to study and inquiry. In 2016 I took my first Teacher Training and since then I have dedicated my time to a constant study, practice and teaching of yoga. 

Mihir in flow

Mihir in flow

You practice several different styles of Yoga why is this and is there one style that you align with more?

The practice of yoga is constantly evolving and moving like everything else. I don’t believe that any one style or instruction is absolute. I also believe that everyone needs to find a practice that works best for them. But as a teacher I believe that the process of figuring that out should not be rushed and hence the style which I teach is more focused on alignment and building awareness. And as a result of this other aspects like strength, flexibility, mobility come to the practice. 

You’ve been lucky enough to travel the world teaching Yoga, I am sure everyone would want to know what your favourite place was and why?

I really can’t pick one favourite place. But, anywhere that I’m connected to nature is always a deal maker.  

How much time do you dedicate to Yoga daily?

Usually 2 hours of self practice and then teaching between 1 and 3 classes a day. I don’t think the quantity or time is as important as the quality of practice and instruction.

Surfing in Goa.

Surfing in Goa.

We’ve all heard about the synergistic nature of Surfing & Yoga. What’s your take on this?

 The list is endless...The Prana or breath, balance, strength, flexibility, core work, a contact to nature and biorhythms. There is so much we will have to inquire into this connection together...  

You’ve done quite a lot of retreats, what made you choose Vaayu Village as a space for your next one?

I always feel at home at Vaayu. The location is perfect, being in Goa for one and being on the beautiful Ashwem beach! Plus there’s a bunch of watersports to keep you active. I wouldn’t choose any other space for this combination. 

A huge thanks to Mihir for sitting down with us. We couldn’t be more excited to have Mihir and his wealth of knowledge take us through his learnings this October. Look forward to welcoming you all to our space.

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