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Prana Café


We serve healthy and nutritious food without compromising on taste and flavour.

The cafe prides itself on sourcing local produce, from our cheese and bread to vegetables and even our coffee beans.

We support our local suppliers and champion the movement of serving high quality fresh food.

The bar menu is just as fascinating with many locally sourced products. The smoothies focus on healthy super food ingredients and the cocktails only use fresh fruit juice as their base.


Prana Café is the heart of Vaayu.

It is our in-house Café and Bar.

Located within the property and featuring a sunset lounge with breathtaking views of the beach and ocean. Sunsets here are definitely a must see!

Situated on the coastline of Goa, we were inspired to create our menu around utilizing the abundant, local tropical produce.

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Rocket calamari salad.jpg