FLOW STATE: November 13-17th

Flow State is a feast of experiences to stir the mind and feed the soul. The retreat explores a wide selection of activities including asana and meditation, acroyoga, surfing, all in collaboration with Vaayu, where a rich variety of talent and spirit thrives.

Our collective mission with this 4 day retreat is to offer food for thought on knowing yourself, living with nature and the power of community to transition back into our lives
with a fresh perspective that enables equal amounts of giving, receiving, care and connection (towards each other and our dear planet).

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Yin Yoga Retreat: March 16-20th

If you are a free spirit with an uncompromising sense of integrity into personal evolution, love for nature and a deep respect for life this retreat is for you!

Join us for a transformational week of tuning in, to hear the heartbeat of wholeness. 

Put peace and balance back into your life with our Yin Healing Retreat. Improve your health and well-being and take this opportunity to reconnect to your soul. Rejuvenate your mind and body, restore your energy. Take the chance to heal and revive your spirit by immersing yourself in various healing methods including yin yoga, mindfulness practices, acupuncture circles and cleansing rituals. Together we create the ideal environment for a transformational experience of body, mind and soul to take place.